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    Hi Josh,

    Thanks for the post.
    However I have a problem with free shipping when a customer returns to the cart after selecting the shipping method.

    So if free shipping is set to say $200 and my cart is for $250 this all works well and free shipping is applied.
    However if during the checkout process the customer returns to the cart and removes an item, so the value drops below $200 (updating the cart), the free shipping is still applied.

    It seems that the shipping rate is applied at checkout and the cart will not recalculate whether it should be applied or not.

    Do you have any ideas.

    Thanks in advance.


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      Hi Andy, which version of Magento are you using?

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    Hi, Josh

    I’m developing a site in Magento The client has a category of products for “Combo Packages,” and wants to only offer free shipping on items within that category. He’s using FedEx as his carrier. What I’ve done: selected Ground as the free shipping option in FedEx under the configuration settings, and enabled free shipping. Then, I created a shopping cart rule much as you describe above:

    Under actions, I’ve listed Apply to Shipping Amount: Yes, Free Shipping: for Matching Items Only, and Stop Further Rules Processing: No. Then, if all these conditions are true: Category is 12 (the ID of the category). The discount won’t apply on checkout, however.

    I’m uncertain of what settings to use for the upper option under Actions in the shopping cart rule, for Apply [option here] and the required field of Discount Amount. A fixed amount here will make the rule apply, but doesn’t work because FedEx charges different amount for different states in the U.S. Should I use a percentage? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks so much.

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    Hai i am having problem with free shipping. if cart amount is 300 or above shipping is free when amount exceeds 300 it shows free shipping and fixed rate too how to remove that fixed price if amount is greater than 300

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    very nice thanks for posting


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