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    Good review, thank you

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      Hope it helps you to find a good hosting for your business

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    Thank you for this hosting review. I think these hosting are quite good for new business or blogs, I’m gonna buy one for the blog of my Magento store.
    Good review

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      Yes, these hosting are perfect for new business or development sites. It’s good to start off with these hosting before upgrading your hosting to the next levels

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    Actos Claims

    Appreciate the recommendation. Will try it out.

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    Thank you very much for the list. One of my main concern is will hosting with company like SiteGround which has datacenter based outside UK for .uk domain will that have an impact on ranking.

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      SiteGround has datacenter in Europe, it works well for all countries in Europe including UK, so of course, you can have well ranking on their hosting for uk domain. Just let me know if you need and SEO advice
      You can try this tool to test SiteGround host load speed and site’s overall score http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/ (you can try with Magentotutorial.org, we are hosting on SiteGround)

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    Thank you for this review, I decided to use Nexcess, although their fee is not as good as others, they are dedicated to Magento and their magento support is very professional.
    I’m not familiar with coding so I want a good Magento support team

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      Yes Nexcess montly fee is quite high compared to others but as you can see, they provide Dedicated IP for your hosting and server hardware is also better

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    Thanks for these recomendations.

    Please can you tell me how to get this price from $6 month in Nexcess? The link you indicated, the lowest price is $24.95!

    Thank you!

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      Hi Milton, you’re right
      Nexcess just updated their monthly price. Now their lowest Magento hosting package’s monthly fee is $24.95 (SIP-100), as the price is updated, the hosting comes with more powerful server specification (Nexcess shared hosting plan is the most powerful compared to shared plan from other providers). I’ve just updated their price, thank you.
      The lowest price for Shared Basic Hosting plan ($9.95)

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    Hi Josh,
    Thank for your magento hosting review, could you let me know benefit of Dedicated IP for magento hosting?

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      Hi Ashley, with a dedicated IP address for your hosting, you will archive better SEO results since their will be no website in the same nichie running on the same IP with your site

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    For Magento Shared hosting, SIteGround offers the most affordable plan. I think I’m gonna use SiteGround for my new site while upgrading my main store to Nexcess service. I’m now quite frustrated with Godaddy hosting

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      I think that’s a wise move, we’d better start with an affordable plan. Then, if the business is good, a few extra pennies is not a big deal

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    Malc Simmonds

    I have found Bluehost to be really slow lately – taking 10-40 seconds to serve a page on a smallish WordPress site. And also their uptime for the past week has been 94% (checked with Monitis) and not much better the week before.

    These results concern me a lot.

    Have you any comment on this regarding their suitability for Magento hosting?

    Thanks, Malc

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      Hi Malc,
      Actually, Bluehost hosting is not perfect for Magento hosting, their hosting is optimized for WordPress, however, Magento can still run well on Bluehost. Bluehost usually has 97-98% uptime, you can recheck, some of my sites running on Bluehost have good load speed, not that bad (10-40 seconds). They have good support team.
      You may also take a look at other options like SiteGround and Arvixe, their hosting quality and support are very good
      p/s: If your Magento website has lots of traffic and price is not a big concern, I highly recommend Nexcess hosting, their server’s specifications are strong and Nexcess is also dedicated for Magento.
      Hope this helps

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    europe vps

    Goos afternoon, What hosting company would you recommend in terms of price?

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    When it comes to Magento, you should definitely be looking for a web host that has a hosting environment that is optimized for Magento hosting. It is definitely a resource hog and the technical knowledge of a good host is essential in ensuring that your eCommerce store operates and its peak speeds. Magento actually provides a list of hosting partners, so that’s a great place to start. Personally, I would recommend SiteGround. They know their stuff and are quite active in the Magento community.

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      Thank you for sharing your recommedation

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    I’m using SiteGround, everything is good but price. I think it’s so expensive to spend 15$ per month to get a host plan which is only suitable for 25k visitor per month.
    Anyway, everything else of Siteground is good: Speed, Fucntion, Especially their supporter.

    1. 12.1


      Dannis: if you are serious about your business, how can you think $15/month is expensive? It is a very small price to pay to ensure your shop is open for business I think. As an online business your website is a very valuable asset, and I am sure most business owners agree that paying a little extra to avoid downtime and slow page loads is worth every penny. To put it in perspective: $15 is less than many people spend on their lunch and coffee every day.

    2. 12.2


      Hi Dannis, unlink other cms like WordPress or Joomla, Magento is a resource-demanding platform due to its powerful eCommerce functions, so I can say that $15 is not very expensive.

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    Hey Josh,

    Im on the verge of launching my own ecommerce website which is currently in its testing phase and on my developers website. The website is CMS based and on magento platform-php. After a thorough research, my top 2 choices are AMAZON and HOSTGATOR which leaves me confused. Can you please provide your recommendation. FYI- Im in india at the moment, however, the website it mainly for US, Europe and UK customers.

    you can also email me at talwar.sakshi27@gmail.com.

    Waiting for your reply..


    1. 13.1


      Hi SAKSHI, if you’re looking for affordable hosting service Hostgator is better for hosting your Magento site, I know many big Magento stores are running on Hostgator. If you want to know, I will share some Magento websites running on Hostgator.
      About Amazon, you may look for more information here: http://www.magentocommerce.com/wiki/performance_and_scalability/using_magento_on_amazon_s_ec2#introduction

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    I have tried about 3 different top service providers for our large site. When i first looked for hosting for my friend’s website, built on Magento (crazy large system) i found SiteGround. They look a bit not promising at first because they new in business i think, but after just 1 hour you can see the difference. You get more for your money, you get tech support even after you pay the annual service! it’s great.

    I decided to transfer our large site too, which built on WordPress and they transfer it all free for us without asking or telling them that i have my friend’s site with them. Also, since then, we got about 20 times issues (i made all of them) and in less than 2 minutes of opening ticket, less than 2 minutes!!! they respond and fixed it!

    I give them 5 stars and #1 over any other hosting service today.

    1. 14.1


      SiteGround hosting is good for both WordPress and Magento, I’m currently running a Magento store and a blog on SiteGround GoGeek package, the server is performing well without any issue

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    When you hire professionals to take care of your website maintenance,
    they can make sure that you’re doing everything you should to impress the
    search engines. International and offshore hosting
    is not something simply used by criminals to avoid legal trouble.
    Don’t expect Hostgator to go out of business anytime soon, as they are
    a fairly large company also.

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    As a Magento store owner with 5 years using hosting to host Magento website, I think everyone should start with a decent shared hosting plan for starting stage of your site, when the traffic and number of product increase, you can think about VPS. This strategy’s saved me lots of money to spent on marketing, advertising….

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    I think http://rosehosting.com offers really affordable Magento hosting. Actually I am hosting my Magento-based website at this host. More details you can find at https://www.rosehosting.com/magento-hosting.html .

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    Wajid Hussain

    Hi Josh,
    I think in this reviews you should add Cloudways also.
    Cloudways provide cloud servers on DigitalOcean, Amazon and recently released Google Compute Engine.Cloudways are providing super fast SSD Magneto Hosting using DigitalOcean & Amazon servers. We promise to get your site load in less than a second because we use a secret VMAN recipe to optimize the server performance. And Cloudways also provide 14 free trial.
    You should try Cloudways services here: https://clickngo.cloudways.com/

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    Thanks for the hosting review, I’m using Nexcess, the price is quite high but they’re really good for hosting a Magento site.

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